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Incorporating Natural Elements in Handmade Jewelry

There’s something truly special about wearing a piece of jewelry that carries a piece of the natural world. Incorporating natural elements into your handmade jewelry not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal, but it also infuses your creations with a touch of organic beauty. From wood and stone to shells and flowers, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here are some ways you can integrate natural elements into your handmade jewelry.

1. Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals are a popular choice for handmade jewelry due to their variety of colors, shapes, and textures. These elements can be wire-wrapped to create pendants, drilled to make beads, or used as cabochons in metal settings. Each stone or crystal carries its own unique energy, which can add an additional layer of meaning to your jewelry.

2. Wood

Wooden beads, pendants, and rings add a warm, earthy touch to any piece of jewelry. Different types of wood carry distinct colors and grain patterns, which can be beautifully highlighted when used in jewelry. Just remember, if you’re making your own wooden elements, be sure to seal the wood to protect it from moisture and wear.

3. Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts can be used as natural beads in your jewelry projects. From tiny seed beads to large, statement-making nuts, these elements can be strung, wire-wrapped, or incorporated into metal settings. Do be mindful to properly cure and seal these materials, as they can be susceptible to decay.

4. Shells and Sea Glass

If you love the beach, consider incorporating shells and sea glass into your designs. Shells can be drilled and used as charms or pendants, while sea glass can be wire-wrapped or set in metal. Each piece carries the essence of the sea, making these jewelry items truly special.

5. Flowers and Leaves

Preserved flowers and leaves can add a touch of elegance to your handmade jewelry. Resin is often used to preserve and showcase these delicate natural elements. You can create pendants, earrings, or even bracelets that hold these miniature botanical treasures.

6. Bone and Horn

For those who appreciate the cycle of life and nature, ethically-sourced bone and horn can be used in jewelry. These materials are often carved or cut into beads and pendants. If you choose to use these materials, ensure they are sourced responsibly.

7. Feathers

Feathers can be incorporated into boho-style earrings or used as charms in necklaces and bracelets. Keep in mind that feathers need to be cleaned and sealed properly to ensure their longevity.


Incorporating natural elements into your handmade jewelry can create pieces that are not only beautiful but also carry a deeper connection to the earth. Remember, when sourcing natural materials, it’s important to consider sustainability and ethical sourcing. Always respect nature and the resources it offers us. Now, let your creativity run wild and start crafting your very own nature-infused jewelry!

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